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Beginners Training #13: PPV Advertising

PPV Advertising or Pay Per View AdvertisingToday we’re going to cover one of the hottest ways to get your offer in front of your target audience, and that’s PPV, or Pay Per View Advertising.

PPV has become very popular because of the fact that your website is actually seen by your prospects without them ever having to click on your ad! Marketers everywhere have included PPV in their advertising strategy because it can produce very qualified leads at an incredibly low price. As with every advertising strategy, this only works if you know how to do it properly. Today I’m going to show you the basics, and in a later training we will go over how to create a successfully optimized PPV Campaign.

What Is Pay Per View Advertising?

Pay Per View Advertising works with the concept of interstitial ads, pop-ups, and pop-unders. An interstitial ad is an ad (or website) that is shown in place of the originally designated website for a user searching a particular keyword or URL. Basically, for lack of a better phrase, you are “hi-jacking” traffic from highly visited websites and keywords and sending them directly to whatever website or Capture Page that you want.

How Is This Possible?

There are two sides to the PPV Network. There are the marketers, or advertisers like you and I, and there are the Network users. The Network users are the only people that your ads will appear to. Network users have agreed to the terms and conditions of the Network, have downloaded Adware in exchange for free goods or services such as wallpapers, toolbars, screen savers, or games, and have have given their consent to be shown pop-up, pop-under, or interstitial ads while browsing the web.

Why Is PPV Marketing Effective?

Thousands of marketers utilize PPV Network Advertising because it is incredibly cheap way to generate massive amounts of traffic to your website or offer. Typically you will pay only $00.005 to $00.05 for every person who “views” your ad. If you know how to properly target your ideal audience with the right type of ad, then you can easily see your ROI (Return On Investment) in the thousand percent range and much higher.

How To Set Up A PPV Campaign

PPV Campaigns are very similar to many other advertising in methods. The main difference with a PPV Campaign is that in addition to bidding on targeted keywords, you will also be bidding on targeted URL’s. In fact, bidding on URL’s is highly regarded as the smartest, most effective way to use PPV.

When bidding on URL’s, you are basically going to find the most visited websites that have to do with what your offering. This is called “URL Scraping“. You can manually scrape URL’s, or you can use special software to do the scraping for you. I will elaborate on URL Scraping in a later training.

Once you do have your URL’s however, you are going to bid on these websites as targeted URL’s in your Ad Campaign. When a Network user searches a keyword and clicks on a search result URL that you have bid on, that user will automatically be redirected to your website instead of the website that they actually clicked on. This redirection can be in the form of a pop-up, pop-under, or interstitial ad, meaning that your ad will actually appear in the users web browser without creating a new window. If you bid on a keyword, the user will be redirected to your website after entering your targeted search term in a search engine.

Here are the steps you will need to take in order to create a PPV Ad Campaign:

1) Apply to advertise with the Network and get approved.

2) Supply Network with Credit Card Authorization Form for your own security purposes.

3) Some Networks (like TrafficVance) require you to provide them with a qualified referrer in order for you to advertise with them. They require someone who has spent X amount of advertising dollars with them in the past and has an active account has to refer you to the Network. This definitely does not apply to most PPV Networks.

4) Create and Name your new Ad Campaign. Choose your Geo-targeting.

5) Create and Name your different Ad Groups within that Ad Campaign to separate different keyword or URL groups that you would like to keep track of.

6) Designate your targeted keywords and/or URL’s. People that enter these keywords or click on these ULS’s will be automatically be redirected to your website.

7) Designate the website that the users will be redirected to as they are targeted.

8) Designate a Daily Bid Cap for your Ad Campaign.

9) Designate a Maximum Bid for every keyword and URL individually, or specify an entire Ad Group’s Maximum Bid per keyword/URL.

10) Wait for your Ad Campaign to be approved by the Network (usually 24-48 hrs).

This may seem like a lot to do in order to set up a campaign, but like I said before, if you can learn how to do this properly, you can easily set up a profitable campaign that generates tons of qualified leads to your offer.

Best PPV Networks

Here is a list of the best PPV Networks in the industry:

TrafficVance – By far the absolute highest quality PPV traffic in the business. $1,000 minimum campaign budget.

DirectCPV – Bids start at $00.01 and a minimum advertising budget of only $100.

Clicksor – Contextual Advertising.

AdOn Network – Contextual and Behavioral Targeting.

LeadImpact – 10 million + monthly Network users.

PPV Campaign Optimization Basics

As with every other advertising method, you will need to keep track of which keywords and URL’s are bringing you the most traffic, and the highest quality traffic. The Network will provide you with all sorts of valuable information in order for you to determine just that. They will tell you things like Views, Actions, Click-Through Rate, and the actual Cost Per View that you are paying. Once you have this information, you can simply remove keywords and URL’s that are not performing well for you, and increase the bids for the ones that are working for you.


Using PPV Advertising in your marketing plan can be a great way to get thousands of targeted people to see your offer on a daily basis. This post was meant simply as an introduction to PPV Advertising and I highly recommend you do your research before you go crazy creating all kinds of ads. I will be providing a lot of training for this method in the future so stay tuned for that! We will be going over some more advanced strategies for really using PPV to its fullest potential.

As always, if you would like to learn from my personal mentor and trainer, you can go here: www.AcademyOfOnlineTraffic.com

-Jesse Snyder





  1. Victoria's Gravatar Victoria
    March 28, 2013    

    how do i get started

    • Jesse Snyder's Gravatar Jesse Snyder
      March 30, 2013    

      Well first you’ll need something to sell! What are you thinking of selling? Window cleaner? Mattresses? Electronic cigarettes? How to make money online info? Network Marketing income opportunity? You need to find a niche that has a large audience, BUT, that is not too over crowded with advertisers peddling the exact same thing as you! And if you are selling a mass market/high competition product than you had better be sure that your sales funnel is elite and original or you’ll never succeed…

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